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Play Bejeweled.
Bejeweled & How To Play


You will be Bejeweled as you try to line up matching radiant jewels in this intriguing classic puzzle, slot game of gem-swapping. The aim of the game is to align three or more, identical twinkling jewels on the same "pay line". The more sparkling gems you align, the higher the payout. After the payout the old gems disappear and new gems drop from the top of the screen and fall down into the empty spaces. If the falling gems form a winning combination, they will also be paid as winners. A Bejeweled wild symbol substitutes for any other gem and can give a "payout".


To begin playing Bejeweled, choose the "pay lines" by using the "up" and "down" arrows. This is the amount of lines chosen to play and bet on.

Set the BET amount by also using the "up" and "down" arrows.

Pressing BET MAX begins the game using the maximum LINES and BET.

Pressing PLAY will begin the game using the chosen LINES with the set BET.

Click on any two jewels to rearrange them to form a line of identical gems. Some gems are worth more than others.


  1. 3 or more identical jewels lined up without interruption in a Bet and selected LINE, are a winning combination.
  2. A winning combination is cleared from the screen after the payout is made.
  3. Jewels that were above the winning line will fall down to fill the cleared spaces.
  4. New sparkling jewels drop down from the top of the screen to fill new empty spaces.
  5. Winning combinations are formed when the jewels drop to fill the empty spaces are paid according to the PAYTABLE.


The winning amount is displayed in the PAYTABLE

When a line is a winner, it is multiplied by the amount bet per line

Super Jackpot on line 10 pays 20,000 X line bet

Jackpot pays 8,000 X line bet, when there are 5 matching symbols on payline 5,6,7,8,9 or on payline 10

The Bejeweled symbol pays 1,000 X line bet when on lines 1-9


Malfunctions void all

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