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Monkey Paradise
Monkey Paradise
Play Monkey Paradise.
Monkey Paradise & How To Play


Monkey Paradise is a jungle theme, slot game that will have players going bananas with the fast pace action, and generous bonus round. This is a fun filled slot game with 3 reels and 1 "pay line" that offers an "Alternate Play" function where players are rewarded for not making any combinations. Imagine a game where the player wins prizes every time they DO NOT spin a combination, this is what makes Monkey Paradise an unusual fun experience.

A player can also choose to play the traditional game, and try to match bananas, coconuts, beetles, butterflies, frogs and more. When in regular play the Monkey Paradise bonus feature is triggered by getting 3 "Monkey Bonus Symbols" on the "pay line".


When a player enters the Monkey Paradise jungle, they have two choices. One is "Regular Play" for this option a player only needs to set their "BET" by using the up and down arrow keys. There is only 1 "pay line" so once the "BET" is set the spinning can begin. A winning combination is indicated for the particular match, by a spirited animation will play on the game screen. The "payout" amount is shown blinking in the pay table.

The second choice for playing Monkey Paradise is "Alternate Play". When this is selected the player still needs to set their" BET" with the up and down arrow keys. "Alternate Play" is when a player wins for not making any combinations on the "pay line". There is no bonus feature in "Alternate Play".


A "Bonus Feature" occurs when 3 "Monkey Bonus Symbols" appear on the "payline" when a player is in "regular play". The bonus screen will show 8 "Monkey Idols" holding coconuts, each coconut holds a "Bonus Cash Prize" amount. Click on 3 of the 8 "Monkey Idols" and your cash prize will be revealed when the coconut cracks open. The "Bonus Cash Prize" is added to the players' bonus winnings, and a celebration message appears on the screen telling the player that the "Bonus Feature" game ends.

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