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Paradise Reels
Paradise Reels
Play Paradise Reels.
Bejeweled & How To Play


Paradise Reels delivers the peaceful feeling of being on a relaxing tropical island beach with waves quietly splashing up on the shore. Play this 9 line, 5 reel online game while listening to the calming ocean sounds, and enjoying a view of sand, ocean, and palm trees. Listen to the sounds of seagulls in the distance as you try to line up oranges, cherries, kiwis, watermelons, and playing card symbols. Look for the coconuts that appear, when 3 or more coconuts are shown anywhere in the "PAYLINES" a bonus game will pop up. This "BONUS" game has cash hiding under the coconuts, the player turns them over hoping to find 3 matching cash amounts that the player can keep.


To begin playing Paradise Reels the first thing that needs to be done is to select the amount of lines to play by clicking on the up or down arrows. Click the "MAX " button, and all 9 lines of Paradise Reels will automatically be selected.

Set the amount of the "STAKES" per line by clicking on the arrows by the "BET" button. Clicking on the "MAX" button will automatically select the maximum bet allowed per line.

Click on the "PLAY" button to begin the game.

When 3 or more symbols appear consecutively on the same line it is a winning combination.

When 3 or more coconuts appear anywhere on the "PAYLINES" a mini bonus game will appear where the player can win cash by turning over the coconuts and matching 3 amounts.


A "WILD SYMBOL" will substitute for any of the other symbols and this allows for a winning combination.

Three or more COCONUT symbols anywhere on the screen within the "paylines" are a BONUS. When these coconuts appear, a mini BONUS GAME will appear on the screen.

There are 8 coconuts, all hiding a "cash bonus" amount underneath them, turn over the coconuts to reveal the cash amount by clicking on them. When 3 matching cash amounts are revealed the bonus is automatically won by the player.


The "paytable" for Paradise reels shows how much can be won win per symbol, and the winning amount for the number of combinations, both based on the bet. As an example, 3 consecutive matches of the number 7 is "PAYS X 4", and 3 consecutive matches for the A is "PAYS X 50". This is only an example, the pay differs based on how much is BET.

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