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Play European Roulette.
Roulette & How To Play


Roulette is one of the most popular and elegant casino games in the world. Players wager on where the small ball they are gazing at as it spins round a wheel with 37 numbered slots will stop. Will a fortune be made with one spin of the wheel, in this famous casino game now online.


Players make wagers on where a small ball spun in the opposite direction of a wheel with 37 equal sized compartments. These compartments are marked with the numbers 0 through 37, and are alternately colored black and red.

Wagers are placed before the wheel begins to spin. Wagers are placed as follows, and the winner will be announced when the ball stops spinning.


Straight Up - wager placed on one number ODDS 35-1

Split - wager placed on a line between 2 numbers ODDS 17-1

Street - wager placed on the end of a row of numbers, this covers 3 numbers ODDS 11-1

Corner - wager placed at a corner where 4 numbers meet, all 4 numbers are covered ODDS 8-1

Six Line - wager placed on the end of two rows of numbers where they meet, this wager cover all the numbers in either row for a total of 6 numbers ODDS 5-1

Column - wager placed on one of the boxes at the end of the column, this covers all of the numbers in that column for a total of 12 numbers. (Zero is not covered) ODDS 2-1

Dozen - wager covers 12 numbers depending on which box the wager is placed on

Red/Black, Odd/Even, Low/High - Wagers placed on Red or Black cover that color, wagers placed on Odd or Even cover all odd or even numbers, wagers placed on Low covers numbers 1-18, High covers numbers 19-36 ODDS 1-1

Once the player requests that the wheel spins, no more wagers can be placed.

The minimum and maximum wagers permitted are prominently displayed.

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